Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Graham 101 : "If I Were Not Me, Would I Befriend Myself???"

Hindi lahat nang sumisisid...
Just a wild question: "If you are not you... would you be friends with yourself???"

Tricky-icky question right??? Imagine this... just like a classic straight from a science-fiction movie fused in with mystery-ish-rom-com plot, somehow, someway, with the aid of technology... you were extracted from yourself and become a different person but the original you still exists...

Did anyone got it??? Yah, me neither.. wahahahaha... To make everything sound simpler... it's like piracy... uhuh and now, we are on the same page...

Going back to our supposed-wild question... would you be friends with yourself or would you even like you if you are on third party, non subjective view of yourself???

Hmmmm... tough to answer, right??? Well, here's my guide questions (and my answers) unto finding if you are likable on your own terms...

1. Do you like how you look???
Well, technically speaking, hmmmmm... I don't... wahahahaha... I mean, if I would see myself as another person on the same room with a large pool of people... I would not even notice me... That's how plain I am... Aside from being in the slightly heavier side, there is nothing outstanding about me...

2. Are you good at first-impressions???
First impression is not my strongest suit. For the very least, it is safe to say that I suck at this part. I am quite timid and quiet on the first few encounters (magic words- first few, wehehehe)... I tend not to shine and be as sunny as I can be when I am subjected to new species, so I just tend to blend in and stoop low. What they do not know, is that just I am gaining my momentum and before anyone knows it, I already dominate most of the conversations.

3. Look at your current circle... do you think you belong???
Apples to Apples, Oranges to Oranges and Birds of the same Feathers are too cliche per say. I think what good friends effects to you is to complement your flaws and enhance your positive aura... Although, it pains me to say this... I think I belong... wahahahaha

4. Can you tolerate your bad traits???
Hmmmm... I don't think I can... For the very least, I could maybe tolerate me... but to live up with it, I don't think I can handle myself at my worst. For one, I am impatient... my waiting time is strictly and religiously 1 hour. More than that, I vigorously bail out. I am also a great snob, I do not usually approach people I am not close too. If someone has a bad eye on me, I most often return the favor. I sometimes put people into awkward situations and leave them to live with it... Ok, I'll stop there... I could no longer spill all of my undesirable sides... just yet.

5. Would you tell yourself your secrets???
As shocking as this may sound, I will... This may sound a little off for me because I'm loud and mostly than always tacky, I sure can keep a good secret hidden for lifetime. Yup, as long as we are in agreement that it's a secret that should be kept... and hell yes, there are secrets that are meant to stink almost immediately. IYKWIM

6. Do you think you are fun to be with???
Non-arguably, I believe I do... Anyone who goes against this, is not my friend <period>

7. Are you friendly???
One big "NO"... I choose my friends and I choose well... If you want to be my friend, approach me first. It would take another apocalypse for me to make the first move... We could all wait in vain if you want to, but I ain't moving a muscle...

As my imminent conclusion, I think if ever this would happen... me and my other self would not be friends. We could even be mortal enemies, if the angels forbid... A battle of lexical terms and defiant comebacks between me and I would be super epic... lol

Thus, I say kudos to my friends who befriended and still befriending me. It's an ultra noble thing to do... Even I, can't do it.... XOXO

So to the other Jeffrey...

"Back off, you filthy bastard "
.... ohh how I would love to say that directly to my face!!!

ay Scuba Diver...