Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hopping Around: Perhaps, My Best Vacation... Yet... For Now :Day3

My travel Bucket List:  Tiger Pie ✔Winter Beach

Our third day in OZ started a little late (sakit ng bakasyunista and late na magsing... like 10-am-wake-up-time late... naku naku...) ... perhaps too late for our own comfort. But, that does not hinder us to get on our Sydney-wared shoes and head to our destination for the day...

Our first stop is the famous well-aged Harry's Cafe de Wheels to try their world renowned TIGER-PIE!!!
(para sa di nakaka-alam ang tiger pie in short #Mangmang... para syang meat pie topped with mashed potato, mashed green peas or muncher at pepper gravy... gets? akala mo may stripe no?)

#Yumyum #FirstWorldStreetFood #HopiaSpecial 

#CapitolSquare #LeaMiserables #YupLeaYan #SaKanyaPinangalanAngPlay #ChikaLang

We (still the #HalfFamily) then made a semi-stroll (compare naman sa nilakad namain nung first day... semi-stroll talaga to) from Central station to Circular Quay...
#JapanJapanPag-asaNgBayan #MedyoBarat


#BuildingLang #NothingSpecial

At Circular Quay, we caught a ferry to Manly Beach. It was only a 20 min boat ride with a panoramic view of Sydney's noontime-skyline... Harbor Bridge and the Opera House looks stunning in contrast to the glistening parcel of the Pacific Ocean... (ano ba tong pinasok ko... nauubos ang English ko...)

#SkyLine #Gooondaaa #WizPollution 

Once we arrived in Manly, I felt a little lighter and giddy. It must be the captivating view, the cold sand against my bare feet, the calm waves as it gently crash into the powdery paralleled beach... I am nearly not sure... But what I am sure of is that we had fun... (note to self: kahit pala malamig magkaka sunburn ka pa rin... mag sun block basta nasa direct sunlight...)

#Yagangyang #ManlyBitch #NagmumurangKamatis 

Manly also had beach volleyball sand courts... too bad I had no one to play with... <soft sobs X 247885>

A few minutes past seventeen minutes before quarter to 3PM (may pa math problem... para exciting), we rode a multiple-stop-bus directly heading to Chatswoods. We then had our late lunch at Maccas and went back to their apartment to prepare for an overnight trip to the Snowy Mountains.

End of Day 3


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