Monday, August 29, 2011

Musickness: "I-am-Preggy Song"

I'm here! My dear...

Now, what is the most perfect setting to tell the world that you 're pregnant?

Well, for this fierce girl she opted to do it with a BANG...

She just revealed her baby-bump after an explosive and well-applauded performance on the recently concluded VMA the delight of the crowd...

What can I say?... No one does it like the she does...

Excuse me... how many change keys did she have on that chorus??? I lost count too...

I have to go... large!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Musickness: "Rain Song"

Good day!... Friday(walang maisip??)

ABS-CBN just released their latest 2011 Ulan Station ID...

The Music Video features ABS-CBN's brightest and most stellar stars from its front-runner shows... from HYY to the Primetime Block and upcoming shows as well.

But, what got me was the Song.. Oh, or make that the Singer...

The Song is a very surprising rendition of "Sukob Na" (suking kanta sa tag-ulan) by an equally surprising (and shocking, if I may add) Singer...

This is another long-overdue-musical-milestone for this surprising (and shocking, if I may add again) artist after being in the industry for more than a decade. Although we have already seen her singing the jingles of her own local  TV commercials, I think this is her biggest break yet on her mission in conquering the music industry. Rumor is, she will be releasing her debut album within this year or early next year.

She said she have what it takes to be this country's next singing sensation...(watch out Sarah G.. wehehehehe)
But, it is for you to know and for me to find out...

So without further adieu, here she is...

To be continued... dude!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Boredom Assassin: "Mouse-Orgy"

Hallow... Marshmallow!

Try this one...

Click on the picture below... (additional instruction... thanks sa feedback from my avid followers...)

Put your mouse pointer inside the picture below... (no fancy mouse pointer please... bawal maarte)

Close your eyes...

Make small circular motion using your mouse... (Try not to go beyond the borders of the picture...) this for around 3.14 seconds...

Then, open your eyes and try to find your mouse pointer in the middle of several impostors....

Goodluck... sa lusak.

Scratch non-POP: "Bashing James Soriano"

Tadaima... quaresma!

After the Cat-Killer, Puppy-Hanger, Floating-Car Driver and Sacrilegious-Artist... the internet has another victim to bash...
This time it is James Soriano...
He is a columnist for the Manila Bulletin website...
His claim to fame (or shame?) is his latest article entitled,  "Language, learning, identity, privilege."
This was posted last August 24, 2011 at but was recently removed because of the overwhelming negative responses it has received from readers.
Well, he just branded the Filipino Language as the "Language of the streets" and said that (if I may quote...) "It (Filipino) might have the capacity to be the language of learning, but it is not the language of the learned."
After reading his article (full yun ha.. nag effort pa ako) earlier this morning, I can't help but to give him a piece of my mind as well.
For me, I think the whole article was insensitive, self-centered, matapobre-ious (if that's a word) and narcissistic...
Although well written (technically speaking), I believe that the insight in the article or the article itself is not worth reading or much worst writing...

Below is an unofficial copy of the article...
Read it (though not highly recommended) and tell me what you think about it, too...
Peace out... brownout!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scratch POP: "Limelighting Mario Maurer"

I'm back.. Balakubak!

This internationally famed Thai Heartthrob is set to visit our country to endorse a local clothing brand and start filmimng his most anticipated movie (yet) with Star Cinema.

Before that, he will grace Attitude Magazine August 2011 as its cover baby.

(Para ito sa kilala ko na may HD... yung laway mo tumutulo.... waahahhahaha)

Tissue... you need???

I shall return...Saturn...

Musickness: "Post-Break-Up Songs"

There your are!... Caterpillar...

I like Sarah Geronimo (Straight to the point agad?).
And, I know quite a handful of interesting (ehem... ehem... piso-piso na lang) individuals who are die-hard fans as well.

Lately, Sarah G. has been releasing Post-Break-Up songs, one after another.
Maybe (just maybe?), she is still affected by the falter of her supposed first relationship.

And worse, seeing her could-have-been-lover (na itago na lang natin sa pangalang Rayver Cruz) found a new love in the another girl's body part (alam na kung sino...) exponentially increase the pain.

Maybe (maybe na naman?), her safest and most effective outlet is to express it through heart-crushing songs.

Let's listen and feel the pain of losing someone we almost-but-never had...

Sniff... sniff... sniff... I need tissue. (Ma-Angry Birds ko... whehehehe)

Gotta go!... SOGO.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Caption This: "When Stars Collides"

Viva...mineral water?

Last Sunday, was my first attempt to finish an official 3km marathon for Runrio.
And ofcourse, I did it with flying colors... (kahit colorblind... may flying colors pa rin?)

After the run, few celebrities were able to get a chance to have a photo opt with me... (asa!)

First, Chinggay Andrada of Pinoy Biggest Loser posed with me in a semi-candid-semi -formal shot...
Take note of the hand on waist.. wehehehehe

Then, Richard Herrera (winner of Amazing Race Asia Season 4 with partner Richard Hardin)...
Though he is wearing dark sunglasses, (baka may sore eyes?! peace) I was able to recognize him and almost instantly asked him to share a frame with me...

Noticeably we are pointing at each other... I won't tell why... wahahhahaha...
Use your imagination please...

'Till then... Bin Laden!

Caption This: "Achieving J-Look part 3... The Collegiate Edition"

Sawa dee-krap! Flytrap...

Now its time for my college friends to try achieving the infamous J-Look.

Warning: The following Pictures are Rated-PG... (Patay Gutom??? wahhhh)

The Hard to Get

The Dic*tator

The 21st Runner 

The Neil Polish

The Hard to Want?

The Honorary Badette

Ofcourse, see how they go up against...

The eXpert

Please comment on who did it best... wink wink wink

Where's the good in Goodbye?
                                        ^there it is

Eye Faucet : "Troopers' Surprise"

Hey you!... cashew...

I am not feeling well today...

I have running nose...

running eyes and..

running shoes... (inshort gin-kataro nga kabayo...)

My watery eyes makes me feel so sentimental... (ano ang connect?)

So, here is a very touching video I want to share...
I lost count on how many times I have watched this video and how many times it made my eyes watery...
(talagang pinilit?)

Ang hindi umiyak... walang panyo... wahhhhhhhhhhhh

See you soon... Balloon!

Eye Faucet : "Korea's Got Talent"

Hi!... Siomai...

Most of my close friends know that I have a shallow tear.
If you do not know, we are not that close... but now that you know, maybe we are... (FC?)

Anyways, I was watching this video in my (office) cube... then I suddenly burst into tears!
I tried to hide it but to no avail few of my colleagues caught a glimpse of my vulnerable moment...
(pang-FAMAS daw?)

I hope this would touch like you as Belo touches my skin... wahahaha


Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Bullets: "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank"


I just watched "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" at Waltermart-Makati and after we got out of the cinema I have this certain urge to write my thoughts about it, immediately.... So here it is...

The movie started as Direk Rainier (Kean Cipriano) is narrating sequences number 34 to 40 from his latest indie film "Walang-wala."
Correct me if I'm wrong, but here are sequences 34 to 40 in numerical order (may ganun ba?)...

Sequence 34 opens up in a slum area. I think that the highlight of this sequence is the girl who is doing her number 2 on an open ground. wehehehehe
In Sequence 35 the camera follows a young boy holding a pack of instant noodles as he walks to a maze-like, narrow and filthy alley.
Sequence 36 is located at Mila's house (Mila is the Heroine of the Indie Film "Walang-wala."). The boy who is holding the noodles at sequence 35 is in fact one of  Mila's seven children. Mila cooked the noodles and served it to her children.
Sequence 37 is the part where Mila is giving one of her daughter a bath just outside her house.
On Sequence 38 Mila is dressing her newly-bathed (word ba to?) daughter inside her house while her other children were looking at her.
Sequence 39 is back on the alley of the slums where Mila and her daughter were walking (more like hiking...). At the latter part of this sequence Mila and her daughter entered a condominium building.
Sequence 40 opens just outside Mr. Smithberger's condominium unit. Mila handed her daughter to Mr. Smithberger (a white Caucasian) and then left. She then went out the fire escape and sat on one end of the stairs. <fade to black>

Sequences 34 to 40 I think is basically the focal point of the entire film. It was repeated several times with different attacks to it. Noticeably, it was Jocelyn (Cai Cortez) who is imagining-slash-visioning these sequences (asleep or not) when someone implies a slightly different atmosphere to the sequences.

I would try to differentiate (in my own words)  how sequences 34 to 40 were portrayed repeatedly in the movie.

The first one was the "Indie-feel"... Eugene Domingo is the one who is  playing Mila. Camera shots are shaky and on a single angle only. Not much on dialogues and make ups. Lightings are gloomy

The second was the Argument between Direk Rainier and Producer Bingbong (JM de Guzman). At this juncture, they were debating on who could play the character of Mila better (whether they would stick to Eugene Domingo or go with Mercedes Cabral or Cherry Pie Picache). Also, this is the part where they decided that the child Mila will sell to the Caucasian paedophile would be a boy and not a girl.

Third, they considered making it as a Documentary... meaning they will be following a real-life Mila. This will have no script and no acting directions.

Then they went Musicale... This is more lyric-al and choreographic-al. With dialogue-songs and dance steps, this might be the most entertaining attack on the sequences.

And the last one is the "Commercial Attack."  On this vision, camera angles are more on the cinematic side.  Over the top and well-thought of  dialogues are exhausted here. Well placed-out wardrobe and make ups are also present. And, who could miss the almost not-subtle commercial advertisement of sponsors.

Can you imagine how they did that...??? And to think that everything was very well-presented for both critical and non-critical viewers to enjoy.

But for me, the best part of the movie is still Ms. Eugene Domingo and her three ways of acting according to her book. (book talaga..)

1. The Elevator Acting
2. TV Patrol Acting
3. and As is, Where is Acting

This is the part of the film where I laughed the loudest... and made the film worth every cent I spent.
I won't elaborate much on how Ms. Eugene Domingo acted her different acting approaches. You should watch the movie yourself and laugh your heart out as well. <wink>

And why the title "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank?"... it is also for you to find out...

I have a trailer below just to tickle you minds and pockets...

To close... I would give this film a quarter of a bullet.
Remember, the fewer the bullets the more I like it.

Bye-bye...inday badiday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Caption This: "Achieving J-Look part 2 and Introducing B-Pose"


Here are some of my friends as they perfect (or at least tried to...) the J-Look...

See how they faired against me...

Also, I would like to introduce the "B-Pose."
Achieve na achieve 'di ba???

Till we meet again... Tangerine!

Musickness: "Whistling Song"

Annyeong haseyo... kabayo!

Whistling has been one of my life's frustrations. When I try (yes, try) to whistle it sounds like a rat on hypothermia under a broad day light. Really!

But, if ever someday (I hope it will be soon) I will learn how to whistle I would like it to be as perfect as the intro of this song.


Boredom Assassin: "Patchwords"

What's up... Otap!

For puzzle maniacs who are bookworms and domino lovers as well... I have found the most suitable game for all of you...

Introducing another puzzle baron brain child...PATCHWORDS...

Don't ask me on how to play this one... I could not explain it in my own words!
But, any Homo sapiens with an IQ above 102.87 will get the mechanics of this game after approximately 45sec within the game itself. Nevertheless, the link I will provide will have its own worded and animated instructions as well.

Also, just like the Clueless Crossword you can compare your time with other puzzle enthusiasts...

Please enjoy and just be wary of incoming VIP's... again, unlike me!

Ciao... king!

Graham 101 : "Solace's ENDS"

Hello, Stick-O!

"Sometimes we took small things for granted."

Most of us may know that this a 101.7% true, but knowingly or unknowingly we just don't care. Tomo?

For example, do you know what the ends of shoelace called?
See? Me either, I do not know... or maybe I simply don't care. (2NE1??)

Not until, my favorite Disney cartoon show (Phineas and Ferb: This is the story of two intellectually gifted stepbrothers who just wants to have the best summer ever. On the other hand, their older sister Candace will do everything to bust them..but fails every single summer day) made an episode just for this under-appreciated thing... They even made a song!

My friend Mr. Wiki also described it as a small plastic or metal sheath typically used on each end of a shoelace, cord, or drawstring. An aglet keeps the fibers of the lace or cord from unraveling; its firmness and narrow profile make it easier to hold and easier to feed through the eyelets, lugs, or other lacing guides.

Imagine re-assembling your shoes and shoelaces without an AGLET... and how frustrating it would be..
So, maybe starting from now on may we start appreciating small and seem to be non-existent things around us. (may moral lesson..GMRC?)

Again it is an AGLET, dont forget it...

Babu... Lababo!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Movie Bullets: "Love at 4 Size"

Ohayou, flores de mayo.

I have seen quite a handful of Thai Movies from the past...

From the critically acclaimed Love of Siam and international box-office success Crazy Little Thing Called Love which by the way rocketed Mario Maurer to stardom... the well-applauded Rom-Com movies like Bangkok Traffic Love Story and Hello Stranger,
I can pretty much say that Thai Movies are on a roll right now...

Then, I saw the trailer "Love at 4 Size", a recently released motion-picture that tells 4 independent love stories connected by the Big Mountain Concert...
Well, I have to give it to them... the trailer was pretty much promising and quite cute (which the other Thai Movies also have...)!!!
Watch the trailer below and you will see what I mean...

Usually I am no critic when it comes to movies that I have watched... but for this one.. I can't help but to say what I have to say...

The four-part movie was very thinly written and full of non-elaborated love story clichés and touché's....
I will try to tackle it by part...

1)"Senior Crush"... I must say that the story flow was quite predictable and expected (there was this moments that I thought that I was having deja vu's).

2)"Waiting"... What I do not like about this part is that Bright was not given a chance to explain or atleast defend himself... and only pictures, instead of video clips, were shown at the end of the movie. Making me think that this part was rushed and somewhat forced.

3)"Love is not to be played with"... This could be my favorite part in the movie. Aside from the fact that the heroine have a huge resemblance to Tricia Santos of PBB, this part is also atleast well-narrated and presented though the trailer might give a different signal to what the plot would have been.

4)"Best Friends"... I have high expectations for this part of the film (basing on the trailer... di na natuto?).
 I was hoping that this story would give the movie its 360 degree turn... But to my dismay, it was another thinly written story... The conflict was very superficial and the heroine was having issues that was not clearly conveyed in the story, making her less lovable.

As a disclaimer, this was only my opinion on the film and not part on any multi-colored-propaganda (hindi nmn ako kikita dyan... wehehehehe). Maybe the lapses that I have pointed out were "Thai-things" and a foreigner (anu daw??) like me might have difficulties to comprehend.

 Nevertheless, I'll take down the movie "Love at 4 Size" with 3.75/5 silver bullets.
(The fewer the bullets the more I like it!)

Peace!!! ipis...

Boredom Assassin: "Clueless Crossword"

Kamusta... mustasa!

Feeling stressed and pressured?...

Emotionally and intellectually drained?...

Or just maybe bored and sleepy...

What you may need is to pause for a while and recharge.
And, for bookworms (or any other worms) out there... I have the perfect game for you...

The puzzle baron's "Clueless Crossword"...

...It is an online crossword game which has no across or down hints.
...You will only have 3 letters as the starting blocks on your Answer Key table. These could be a vowel or a consonant depending on your zodiac sign or some divine intervention, I guess...
...At first, thing could look impossible to finish... but you will be quite surprise on how simple the words are and how fast you can complete the whole puzzle...
...And, ofcourse you can also check your time at the end of each puzzles and see how you faired against other puzzle-maniacs...

Try this game at home or at work... as long as you don't get caught (unlike me)... wahhhhhhhhhhh

Adios, kadios!

Scratch POP: Teen Choice Award 2011 Winner


Here is the complete list of the surf-grabbers for the  recently concluded Teen Choice Award 2011.
Taylor Swift
Taylor Lautner
Ashton Kutcher
Ellen DeGeneres
Taylor Lautner
Blake Lively
“Gossip Girl”
Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene
Emma Stone (“Easy A”)
Shaun White
Selena Gomez
Miley Cyrus
Ed Helms (“Hangover 2″)
“Vampire Diaries”
Ian Somerhalder (“Vampire Diaries”)
Nina Dobrev (“Vampire Diaries”)
Cory Monteith
Darren Criss
Katerina Graham (“Vampire Diaries”)
Michael Trevino (“Vampire Diaries”)
“Fast Five”
Johnny Deppy & Angelina Jolie (“The Tourist”)
Bruno Mars & Katy Perry
“Jersey Shore”
Pauly D
Taylor Swift
Cameron Diaz (“Bad Teacher”)
Rebecca Black
Demi Lovato
Justin Bieber
Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson
Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Daniel Radcliffe
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2″

I wonder when can I be part of that list? wehehehhehe

Later, Alligator!

Caption This: "Achieving J-Look"

Bonjour, outdoor.

These are few of my million attempts to perfect the J-Look.
(J-Look, by the way, is looking mabait effortlessly)...
See how I faired so far...

See... I think I'm getting there... watyathink?

Sayonara, sandara.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Musickness: "Walking Song"


Have you ever been in this setting??
Busy street...
Scorching heat...
Heavy backpack...
Walking on the opposite direction as everyone else...
MP3 player...(???)

(Music Video ba to???)

Well, I have the most perfect "Walking Song" for this situation.
Jordin Sparks' One Step At A Time is one helluva spell-binding song...

Consciously or unconsciously one could not help but keep their walking pace in beat with the song.
Not to mention lip syncing too... (aminin)
Try listening to this song while strutting your stuff on street (Wait, was that another song?) and in no time you will not notice that you either reached your destination or you are way pass beyond it.


Goodbye, lullaby.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Graham 101 : "THEOREM"

Hello there... spider!

I was half-listening last thursday morning to Tambalan - a very hip and funny radio show starring (strarring much??) Nicole Hyala and Chris tsuper... not their real name ofcourse- and they were discussing an algebra homework about the "Pythagorean THEOREM." Oh, by the way, did I mention I was also half-pretending doing something... wehehhehe...

Going back, can you read what the homework again is? <all together now>... "Pythagorean THEOREM!"
I hope you read the later as "thyo-rem" (thyo as in uncle and rem as in rem) like I did (para may karamay)
Because believe it or not... "THEOREM" was not pronounced that way...
Nicole Hyala just pronounced it as differently from what my auditory nerves expected it to be...
I was like "Wait a minute, that was not  how I was thought for the past 18 years of my life..(18 daw? debut?)"

And, because I was so curious and constantly thrive for knowledge (kunu) with the aid of the internet...
I found out what the real pronunciation was...and shock would be the understatement for what I felt...

Ofcourse, my cat-like curiosity does not end there... I need to know if I was the only one in my circle who missed that cue...
First, I had a chance to ask one very good test engineer in the person of Mr. JR Flores (which by the way, a good prospect- knowing he is an engineer I was 102.67% sure that he had studied and pronounced that word before...) and to my luck he pronounced it the way I did... strike 1 for me....
Then, I also asked my brother, JB Labergas (a Cum Laude graduate of DLSU-Taft and a Top 9 of the ECE board exam last October2010...I don't like to brag what's not mine...but what can I do, can't help it),
and fortunately for me he said it wrong too...   strike 2.. 
I was actively and dynamically looking for more victims.... muawahahahhahahhah

If you you want to know the correct pronunciation or at least how the westerns do it, I have a very good link below...

Before I forget, same goes with "THEORY"...

That's all for now, langaw!