Thursday, January 2, 2014

Open Letter: To The Resilient Voucher Holders From The Gorgeous Giver

'Di lahat ng gift na binigay sa'yo... 

Hi, Betchesss.

To start... I must say that I am seriously (like my terror of a high school math teacher serious--- ganung lebels talaga) considering this voucher-Christmas thingy of mine to be an annual sort-of-a tradition... It's either this is looking promising every year (aminin... lebel ap talaga ang voucher ketch this time) or I am kinda lazy of looking and thinking (mostly thinking) for gifts for my so-called friends... I am still not decided yet so don't let your hopes up for now... <insert virginal laugh here>

Anyways, just as stated in the voucher I gave last December 2013 to a selected few... This will be the post that you can comment for your reservation... I am still having my yearly vacation induced laziness so I won't be posting the details anytime soon... I will just approved your reservations according to my mood swings... <insert non-virginal laugh here>

Gorgeous... (bawal kumontra... ang kumontra papakainin ko ng kwitis)

PS: Please feed my fishes below... thanks... XOXO

Ay para sa'yo... baka wala lang silang choice