Sunday, February 8, 2015

Movie Bulllet: "That Thing Called Tadhana"

Where do broken HEARTS go nga ba, 'te Whitney?

This movie is GREAT... Maybe, the best local movie I have seen in awhile now... This movie makes MMFF movies looks like shits out of damped dumpster crack...

The premise of the movie is as simple as it can get but the character execution, the semi-realistic script, and the quasi-implied metaphors were brilliantly laid down in the whole duration of the film. The whole vibe of the film reminds me of movie-franchise "Before Sunrise"- Two strangers met for the first time and decided to take a spontaneous tour just talking about everything under the sun. (you kinda get where I am getting this right?)

Angelica Panganiban is not a revelation in this movie (because we know what she can do) but with the simplicity of the plot and the scenes she became a league of her own on how she made her character very indulging and relate-able. She gave just the right amount of spice needed to put her character in a believable state plus her comedic timing is superb.

JM De Guzman, on the other hand, was a breath of fresh air. He is like your typical boy next door and if ever you want a stranger that you can pour your heart out to and go to an unplanned trip to high mountains, JM's boyish appeal will definitely suit the bill-  you just won't assume that he can do you any harm.

The movie has a handful of metaphoric moments like the arrow and the heart pierced through him, the overpass scene,  the luggages and many more. I guess one just have to have the keen eyes and knows connecting the dots to figure out these pieces together.

That Thing Called Tadhana- Best Moments

1. Angelica Panganiban's luggage dilemma-airport scene.
"P***** buhay naman to oh, b'at pa kasi nabuhay pa ako."

2. "Ate ang phone mo nag riri-ring"-scene
"B'at di papatulan ang pagsuyong nagkulang"
- I am just soooo laving this song these past few days... hayyyyy

3. 7 words in 8 years
"Hindi. Na. Kita. Mahal. Makakaalis. Ka. Na. 'yung 8 years namin, tinapos nya langin 7 words."

4. The Fitzgerald Quote
"Alam mo 'yung sinabi ni F. Scott Fitzgerald??? There are may kinds of love but never the same love twice."

5. Mt. Kiltepan Breakdown
"Ayoko na. Pagod na akong masaktan."

6. Karaoke Belting
"Where do broken hearts go???"

7. Goodbye scene
"Miss (o Mace), mauna na ako." ... turn around, teary-eyed, audience sobs... hayyyyyy

I highly recommend to watch this movie in you most available/convenient time. Kung may pinagdadaanan ka man sa kasalukuyan... relate much ka dito... HUGOT lng ng HUGOT...

-(negative) 1 Bullet... plus a bulletproof vest..

Can me make through the rain ba, te Mariah?