Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hopping Around: "Vhegan-Lawag-PagoodFood 3.2"

Naimbag a rabim... ilalim!

We then went to maybe one of Ilocos Norte's best landmarks- the Bangui Windmills!

A dozen (or so... I lost count) of those electric-fan-like (cheap ng comparison ha) structures, the gentle wind and the sound of the waves seemed like the most perfect (next) location to smile and pose infront of the camera. (Reasons???)

We did some camera tricks that I really thought were amazing. And, If you have not noticed it yet... we also have jump-shots (failed or not) on this one too!!! wink-wink-wink

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hopping Around: "Vhegan-Lawag-PagoodFood 3.1"

Naimbag a Malemmo... Slowmo!

Warning: This post is overwhelmed with pictures that you may or may not find interesting (depending on your favorite color). 

Recharged, refreshed and rejuvenated, we were ready to take on the 2nd day of our trip. 

Little I know, that this would be the most photographed day of my life (yet...)!!!

Our first stop for the day, was the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Deal Hunter: "Secret Recipe"

Yummy... Mummy!

Lately, I was introduced to these websites online that offer great deals on selected items. From food, travels and vanity... name it they have it.

Discounts may start from 50% to an unbelievably 90% depending on the kind of goods. But, these are only out for only a limited time (sometimes voucher quantity).

At first, I felt it was too good to be true... but some offers are too tempting to ignore.

So, I decided to try one just to test the water.

My younger bro found this deal from ensogo that gives a 50% discount for a whole cream cake from secret recipe. He tasted a cake from this store once and he said its quite good.

Without another word (my sweet tooth talking...) , I asked a college friend of mine who owns a credit card (I must have a credit card of my own ASAP... reminder!!!) to buy us a voucher before the deal closes. Ofcourse, this is not for free. I will have to pay him later (in money or internal).

Just these weekend, we are able to use our voucher and get our first try of a discounted cake. And to my delight, I was not disappointed. Actually, I was very ecstatic. The cake was big (bigger than Red Ribbon's or Goldilocks') and the taste was phenomenal.

What we had was Mango Delight cream cake and we love it to the tee. The picture below is from Secret Recipe website but pretty much that what we had. We were not able to have our own picture because we do not have high-end cameras (another must have...)!

Our only regret is that we only bought one voucher... hmmmp. We should have bought more!

Anyways, seems like these discount sites are really working. Maybe, we will be suki's from now on.

Yum... yum... yum... Cocojam!

Movie Bullets: "Johnny English Reborn"

Anong ganap?... mga masasarap!

Disclaimer: I am perfectly and humanely aware that someone might get mad at me by posting this. I refused the invitation of a close office friend to watch this movie with her on the lone reason that I simply do not feel it. But, to some twisted fate and the intervention of divine circumstances I have watched the movie with another friend (talking about being defensive).

To make the short story shorter... before my highschool friend/weekend-movie buddy and I attended our usual late sunday mass she (with emphasis on she) insisted that we watch Johnny English Reborn. And because of my inexhaustible utang na loob to her (see Movie Bullets: " Don't Be Afraid of the Dark), I could not do anything. XOXO

Anyways, here is my thought...

I was never a Rowan Atkinson fan nor a Mr. Bean.

I was never a detective-themed comedy movie fan either.

So, if you add the two you will have my reason on why I do not really have the gut-feel in watching this film.

But, I can definitely say that the comedic punches of Mr. Atkinson is undeniably superb. I did laugh on most parts of the movie especially on those almost animated sequences.

Most Laughable Moments (just for me):
1. His training in Tibet.
2. Mistaken identity on the old woman Chinese assassin  (the grandmother and the queen ).
3. Helicopter scene.
4. The Chase.
5. etc.

This movie may not be my cup and saucer ( of tee yan ... alam ko... para iba naman) but it did pretty well it making laugh. So, maybe 2 bullets is not bad!!!

Remember, the fewer the bullets the more I like it.

Watch the trailer below and try to catch it on cinemas (if it is still showing...)

Gotta run... Iran!

Graham 101 : "MegaFollow Weekend"


I am a rookie blogger (just barely two-months old) and looking for more followers and followings. A good (not so) friend of mine told me about this interactive group called WBFC (Weekend Blog Follower Caravan). She said all I have to do is to follow each participants on their google connect, twitter and facebook account. Also, you should follow back as well.

I think its a win-win situation, so why not?

Here is the link of my accounts for easy following:
My google connect is found below.

I also like to take this opportunity to thank the following sponsors for making this a more interesting activity.
mum-writeshands full of love and postcardenthusiast!!!

You can click on the WBFC above to learn more.

Chika lang... Paklang!

Graham 101 : "Spinning Girl"

Ariba... Samba!

See that silly little shadow above?

That supposedly spinning girl?

Have you seen this before?

Well, its been bugging me for months now. Is she spinning clockwise or counter clockwise?

I am having a hard figuring it as well. Because when I blink or take another look after a while, the damn direction changes.

I tried to search for answers on the internet and most of my searches says that it has to do on one's perspective. It is like a mind over matter (or anything that has mass and occupy space) thingy!

I tried to explain it in my own words but failed miserably.

Don't worry, my good friend Mr. Wikipedia has a good understandable explanation for this.

Hopes it settles the score. Yet, I do hope she stops spinning in my head.


pre-Movie Bullets: "Praybeyt Benjamin"

Obrigado, Brazil... Pencil!

I have been a sucker for Comedy movies lately (local or foreign...). What can I do? With the current state of our economy and not-so-good news happening here and there, one should need a break and laugh precariously (huh?.. anu yun?).

Anyways, I was watching last night's episode of Gandang Gabi Vice (graced by former (and ultimate, if I may add) Vice President Noli "Kabayan" De Castro) when they showed the trailer of Vice's latest movie with Star Cinema at the end of the show.

It was a Comedy film (obviously) which has like a Mulan-inspired story line (Mulan is an animated Disney movie which features the voice of Lea Salonga). The trailer is very promising and hilarious all together. With Vice Ganda (first ever gay comedian to top the box-office and crossed the the 100M mark) as its front runner  and backed by Derek Ramsay (for mouth watering..) and Nikki Valdez (for added punchlines) this might be the most anticipated comedy movie of 2011.

Just see the trailer below for details.

See you at the cinemas... Llamas.

Hopping Around: "Vhegan-Lawag-PagoodFood 2"

Naimbag a Bigatmo... Lito Camo!

Here is the 2nd part of our Ilocandia trip.

We left Vigan around 12 noon and we are definitely hungry... And seems like the idea of Ilocos' original special miki and empanada appears to be very delightful (and tempting...)!

So, we asked our driver/semi-tour guide on where we can catch these northern dishes and he directed right where the goods were (straight to the point si manong...)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hopping Around: "Vhegan-Lawag-PagoodFood 1"

Para sa mga Kababayan nating Ilokano..."Naimbag nga aldaw" (Rated K mode lng?)

Disclaimer: I am perfectly aware that this post is a bit late. (obviously)But hey, give me a break... I only started blogging last month and this happened last April. Besides, this trip is definitely blog-worthy.

It was two weeks before the Holy Week of 2011, my younger bro and I were thinkin' of having a feel-good vacation after a whole year of working our butts off... and the idea of Vigan appears to be a very tempting. So, we started surfing the net for a nice place to stay in Vigan, Ilocos Sur but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how things will end up) all the best hotels were already fully booked ( I guess two weeks in advance is just too late).

Musickness: "GALA Song"

Pilipinas, Tara Na... Bandana...

Love these new music videos from the Department of Tourism..

Fronted by our own local big stars, it's a hands-down for these new twists on the Philippine Tourism jingle...
Actually they have two versions... to accommodate all our tourist spots and all of our brightest singers...

Wanna go to places mentioned in these videos and all those delicacies are so yummy ...

I have experienced Ilocandia, met the tarsiers in Bohol, navigate myself in Cebu, went malling in Iloilo and persuaded the tough trails of Mt. Pinatubo, I wonder what's next for me???

Gotta explore PHL first before SG or HK. (hope I have enough time and resources..stay put ka muna VISA)

Watch the music videos below and make your own list:

See the original version too:

Biyahe na tayo... ensayo...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Musickness: "AnneBisyosa"

Finally... Free Willy!

The much-anticipated debut album of the ultimate Dyosa ng bayan Ms. Anne Curtis is out for grabs. After making pilit the big bosses of her mother film and recording outfit, VIVA, she is now a certified and no-non-sense recording artist that would surely make other singers run for their money.

Her debut album entitled "Annebisyosa" (maybe true or not... wehehehe) is an 8-track record including 1 original, 6 covers and  1 bonus track.

Her carrier single-"Tinamaan Ako" will surely showcase her vocal prowess and her  enigmatic Pop presence.

She will also be collaborating with no-other-than the popstar princess herself, Ms. Sarah G, on vocal showdown singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Here is the complete song list of her album.

1. Tinamaan Ako
2. Alone
3. Total Eclipse of the Heart (feat. Sarah Geronimo)
4. Mouth
5. Bizarre Love Triangle
6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
7. Too Many Walls
8. GSM Blue Jingle (Bonus Track)

Trivia: Anne had done duets with Sarah G on ASAP a couple of time singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."
Check it out below.

Ready... Get set... Go Large!

Movie Bullets: "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"

How ya' doing? ...Human being!!

I lost my phone.. so, you can delete my old number and just PM me on Facebook so you can get a hold of my new number...

Now... I am an official, certified and true-blooded pick-pocket victim. I would not even call it pick-pocket because my phone was on my bag. Maybe, its pick-bag or something like that. Aside from losing my SIM, Micro SD and 30 pesos load; I did not feel really bad. I felt that having a new phone was a long-overdue and pending gift for myself (My old phone's keypad was killing me).

So, I asked a highschool friend and one of college buds to accompany me in choosing the perfect phone for myself... (Ofcourse, lahat ay may kapalit... wahahaha)

My highschool friend asked me to watch a horror move with her, which was really not my cup of tea (or any Chinese drinks for that matter)... But what can I do? Utang na loob eh... My college friend did not asked for anything though, but I knew him very well, I am pretty sure that he will use this situation to his advantage any time in the near future... (talking about birds with the same feather...)

From SM Megamall, where we bought my new phone, we ended up checking Glorietta for horror movies... (Please don't ask how we ended up in another mall... it is a very long and boring argumented-story bordering the ridiculous... watta!)

Anyways, after everything else we settled in watching a non-overly-advertised horror flick:
"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"

I have nothing much to say about the movie. Because again, I watched the film through my semi-translucent black shirt.

The plot??? All I know is that there little weird scary creatures that live under the basement of an old house which have fetish on human bones (especially teeth) and are afraid of the light. The story revolves around a temperamental girl whose recently moved in with her divorced father (the contract renovator of the old house) and his interior designer for a girlfriend.

What I think??? Well, for the whole duration of the movie I was both silently and vocally rooting for the young girl to die!!! Why? For one, when I was her age I would not dare communicate or even give a  second glance to an unidentified creepy voice in the dark... And to top it all, she is the cause of all the ruckus...  She is the one that found that hidden basement and open that damn chimney lock.

I won't say more... just watch the trailer below.

Horror movie= +1 bullet, Stupid Girl= +1 bullet, Watch just half of the movie= +1, Unknown reason= +1...
You do the math...Remember, the fewer the bullets the more I like it.

Later... Anti-Matter...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scratch POP: "Star Magic Catalogue 2012"

Ikaw na... you already!

Star Magic catalogue for 2012 is out in the market... and let's see who graced the cover this time...

Seems like something is missing... hmmmm... or make that someone...

Lets give it a 2nd look...

Now.... its perfect.... watyathink?

Cannot agree more... proudmore!

Musickness: "Post-Break-Up-NO-MORE Song"

See me?... salami...

I have been waiting for Sarah G. to have a cover of this song...

Besides the fact that she will nail it (unchallenged...), this is too perfect for her...

Eat your heart out Rayver...

Did you hear how she did those runs? Superb...

Gotta love it... Inipit!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

pre-Movie Bullets: "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part1"


I am self-confessed popularist... That means, I would catch  anything that is popular (for that moment) even if it's too out of my league. I only have two exceptions... Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

And this one is definitely under my radar...

A breaking news to all vampire fans out there (in the wild...), the latest trailer of the first part of the last instalment of the Twilight saga was just released. (Wohooo... need to catch my breathe for that one)

Anyways, watch the trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 1 after you jump (wahhh...)!!!

See yah..  Black Arachnia!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: BUDOY

Yehey... Ballet!

This is my first Local Fall Show Fave...

Once again, the magic of Kimerald (monicker for the loveteam of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson) will be put into test...
This time they will be on two different but consecutive shows on the primetime block of ABS-CBN...

Now that the top-rating teleserye "100 days to Heaven" is nearing the end of its run, ABS-CBN is now prepping-up for another one kind show that will surely change the face of Philippine TV viewing
(may ganun talaga???).

"BUDOY", top-billed by no less than Gerald Anderson who will be playing as a intellectually-challenged but emotionally-gifted child (sosyal!), will be another heart-warming story that is definitely full of moral values that are often over-looked or misplaced.

This might be Ge's (may nickname?...close?) biggest challenge on his career so far... Because, this time he will not be playing his usual hunky-boy-next-door roles. To add, he is not paired with Kim (where project with her were almost instant hits).

Scraping off his good looks, how will he be able to melt our hearts into pieces?
(I am guessing, through his great acting ...)

And, will be able to make it without Kim?
(and surely, Yes!)

So, Kimerald fans must gear up... because we will be warming our couches very soon...

But, for now just enjoy the trailer below.

Mamaya naman.. Shaman!

Lit Bits: "I Like..."

I like saying "Awkward" on awkward situation...
... it makes everyone feel the awkwardness.

I like snoozing my alarm every morning...
... it gives a 5-minute window to realize where I am.

I like giving witty comebacks...
... it makes people think that I'm smart.

I like engaging myself in healthy arguments...
... it helps me think faster.

I like playing the game when I'm winning...
... it feels good to my ego.

I like reading books...
.... it keeps me busy.

I like tapping my fingers to walls...
... it makes me believe I can play the piano.

I like having a friend when I do something...
.... to keep me distracted.

I like singing when I am working on something...
... to keep me focused.

I like to reminisce my embarrassing moments when I'm alone...
... then I curse in the wind.

I like wearing my jacket...
... it makes me look slimmer (or so I think?).

I like teasing my friends...
... to test if our friendship can endure me being me.

I like repeating dialogues in shows I watch...
... in British accent.

I like drawing random stuffs...
... it keeps me awake.

I like catching the fish by the mouth...
... if you know what I mean.

I like planning get-together events...
... and making it happen.

I like watching comedy shows...
... it makes me forget my problems.

I like watching movies...
... 'cause I like to be in one...

I like arriving early...
... so that everybody else is late.

I like giving nicknames...
... 'cause it is easier to remember.

I like keeping quiet...
... if everyone else is talking.

I like to nod to questions... 
... I did not even hear.

I like making people laugh...
... it gives the illusion that they enjoy my company.

I like ending my statement without a complete...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: New US TV Shows

Yahoo... Baho!

Here are the new US TV shows that I have been eyeing to watch this Fall... hope they live up to my expectations... (may ganun???)

I'm a frustrated singer... or songs just frustrate me. Nevertheless, I like watching singing competitions (like The Voice and American Idol).

Now, I am very excited to watch the 1st US verion of The X Factor. With Simon Cowell as one of the judges, this is definitely one helluva tough show.

The X Factor US will premiere its first episode this September 21, 2011 on FOX (US time... anu pa?)

Watch its season preview below:

I fell in love with Zooey Deschanel on 500 Days of Summer and I just can't get enough of her...

Well, she will be starring her own US sitcom and guess what?... She is so adorable as ever...

'Can't  wait to see this...

New Girl will premiere on September 20 2011 on FOX.
(Again, US time)

Watch New Girl's season trailer below.

Witches are often just sidekicks in vampires shows, nowadays...

But this latest offering of CW TV may be the most promising witch-themed series since the Charmed...

Debuting on September 15, 2011.. lets  join the Secret Circle...

Take a look on the season preview below.

Salamat... Alamat!

Monday, September 12, 2011

pre-Movie Bullets: "No Other Woman"

Namaste... Masbate!

Although not shown on theatres yet, I want to share this trailer of this upcoming movie, top-billed by Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes.

I wonder why Adultery-themed programs are "IN" nowadays. From Koreanovelas, like the "The Temptation of Wife" and "The Fierce Wife", to movies like "My Neighbor's Wife" of Regal Entertainment; it seems like the Filipino audience is hooked to this kind of plot (or they think so..). Anyways, Star Cinema, collaborating with Viva films, will have its own Adultery-themed movie, and we know how this film outfit company do their magic... Ofcourse, what could go wrong if you have Ms. Anne Curtis??? It like an instant hit...

So for now, just enjoy this trailer... until September 28, 2011, for its regular showing!
(in over 100 theatres NATIONWIDE.. wahahahaha)

(Sino nga ba ang mas mahirap kalabanin... ang putang mahirap? O ang putang mayaman? Eh, pare-parehong puta lang naman yan... esep-esep)

Adios amigo... dried mango!!!

Caption This: "Achieving J-Look part 4... The Passport Edition"

Watch out... Black out!

I have applied for a Philippines Passport at DFA last month and I just received it today.

Guess what... unconsciously I was on my J-Look.

See it for yourself...

Wait for it...

Zoom in...

Now that I have my own passport, I can think of a million things to do... outside the country ofcourse...

How about LO @ SG or DO @ HK???

Let me think... you stink!

Movie Bullets: "Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington"

Welcome... Siam!

Although I was pretty satisfied with "Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi", I still have this itching feeling to watch "Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington."

And besides, my close friends know how bad I feel if my plan does not push through.

So, my high-school friend and I talked again and we agreed to catch this movie after we have attended our usual sunday mass at Don Bosco Parish Church.

My own synopsis:

As a child Remington have teasing gays but one of his verbal victim cursed him that she will turn gay someday.  15 years later, there a mysterious killing that is happening on the town where Remington lives. All the gays on the town were murdered one by one. Around this time also, the manifestation of Remington's curse is taking place. Together with his best bud-Jiggs and the apple of his eyes-Hannah, Remington have to reverse his curse and help his hometown.

My thoughts:

Being an indie film, this is a very well-done movie. It has effectively conveyed what it was aiming for- RESPECT for others especially the third sex.

If you are thinking its the same gay-themed-indie-movie... well, think again. It edges out from the usual and comes out a winner.

The movie does not follow a specific format, which was great because it can attack sequences in a different way but so comedically superb.

The chemistry of Martin (Remington) to Lauren and to Kerbie (also) was very evident in a kilig-way. As a viewer, you are somewhat torn on who will you root for Remington in the end.

The addition of superb comedians like Roderick Paulate and Ms. Eugene Domingo gave an extra ummphh
(if you know what I mean) for the movie.

For we the funniest part of the movie (altough I was laughing on most parts) were: (in no particular order)
1. The first time Remington was speaking the Beki language and trying to control it especially the Banyo part.
2. The intriguing-Hagdan scene. a-must-see!!
3. The call for the gay-spirit led by Roderick Paulate.
4. The rise of the Zombadings.
5. Janice De Belen's Police assistant's scenes. (effect si ate)
6. many more

I think you should watch the movie yourself and see what I mean...
Anyways, see the trailer below:

Another bullet for this one.
Remember, the fewer the bullets the more I like it.

I shall be back... Humpback!

Movie Bullets: "Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi"

Friends... Romans... Countrymen... Yemen...

I was at SM Megamall last Saturday to met up with a college friend. I need to pay him and get a photocopy of his valid IDs and credit card. He said it was an airport protocol to present it before checking in. We used his credit card to buy my father his ticket's flight back home to Silay City.

Anyways, I went there together with a high school friend, to whom I initially have plans with. We were planning to watch "Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington" at the cinema closest to our convenience but as a good friend she opted to come to SM Megamall with me. (tama nang bolahan yan... wahahahha)

Also, I texted another college friend to met up with us because we are going to need her approval on the by-laws for the revival of our class funds. (feeling student pa rin)

We met at National Bookstore (meeting place ng bayan?) and then proceeded on the business.

After everything was settled and since me and my high school friend already have a plan on watching a movie,  I invited my other two friends  to come and join us (out of courtesy.. wehehehehhe).

We told them what movie we are eyeing on but almost automatically declined my offer... Ofcourse with my convincing powers and blackmailing ability (which I learned from my so-called office friends: remember FD5?), they agreed to watch a movie with us, only on one condition- not "Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington"!

We indulged again in another friendly argument but I ran out of luck this time. So, we ended up buying tickets for Star Cinema's latest offering : "Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi".

And now, my thoughts for the movie:

Th movie was very funny, entertaining and informative at the same time and dimension.

Toni Gonzaga was very effective as an overly-talkative and somewhat-beki woman. She was on-the-dot on her comedic timing. Not to mention on how beautiful she is in all of her shots (that long slender legs are to die for).

Eugene Domingo on the other hand showed us again how superb her acting skills are. She have been delivering the scripts so effectively that you cannot help but watch her and then laugh. Her chemistry with Wendell Ramos did help a lot with sequences that they are together. (Especially the room scenes... eeeeeee)

Joey Reyes did a very-well appreciated job as a writer and director of this film. Though I am not a fan of him personally, I can say that he writes good scripts for movie with marital edges (remember "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo.")

On this movie, he portrayed the technicalities and legalities of getting divorced.(alam ko na ngayun ang difference ng Legally Separated at Annulment) in a very funny way. He also showed how crazed and lucrative wedding preparations are. Direk Joey usually used flash-backs in most oh his sequences, for me sometimes it works and sometimes not...

But nevertheless, we have shared good laughters while watching the movie. We even had it after we walked out the cinema.

So for this movie... I give it a single bullet.
Remember, the fewer the bullets the more I like it.

You can watch the trailer below.

I shall return... sunburn!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: ANTM17

Heller...Bank Teller!
The Fierceness is Back...

And when I say back... it is for two reasons...

1. America's Next Top Model is back for its 17th cycle...

2. And, Fan favorites (or not?) from previous cycles are back to get another chance to win the competition...

ANTM cycle 17 will premiere this September 14, 2011 ( US time) and will have its match airing on ETC.

Here is the complete list of model-re-hopefuls...

1.Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1)

2. Camille McDonald (Cycle 2)

3. Brittany Brower (Cycle 4)

4. Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5)

5. Bre Scullark (Cycle 5)

6. Bianca Golden (Cycle 9)

7. Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10)

8. Isis King (Cycle 11)

9. Sheena Sakai (Cycle 11)

10. Allison Harvard (Cycle 12)

11. Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13)

12, Angelea Preston (Cycle 14)

13. Kayla Ferrel (Cycle 15)

14. Alexandria Everett (Cycle 16)

Let's see who can smize their way to the top...

Gotta get going... Boeing...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Scratch POP: Ms. Universe 2011

Heads up... giddiyup!

We, Filipinos, are pageant fanatics...(aminin...)

And the bagging the Miss Universe crown was a long-by-gone obsession for us...

So, what are our chances in this years competition?

Our bet for this year is Ms. Shamcey Supsup, an Architecture Graduate (with flying colors) from Gen. Santos City...

She will represent our country in this years Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil this coming September 13, 2011 (Brazil time)...  ABS-CBN will also air this live (via satellite).

She have been an early buzz-maker from the start of the competition. Topping various poll and online votes. She was also an early favorite of many fearless forecast of various website.

To get our chances higher, internationally acclaimed singer and Disney royalty Lea Salonga will be part of the junging table. (talking about chances are...)

Anyways, the preliminary pageant just started... and lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Here is a video for the introduction of candidates:

Break a leg... bootleg.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: G3

Do... Re... Mi.... Fa.... So... La.... Ti... Do...

Ya.. I've been practicing...


Because, the third season of Glee is coming right up... and I'm preparing myself to belt out glee songs.

Glee season 3 will premiere this September 20, 2011 with a handful of rumors to choose from.

There were speculations (although Ryan Murphy already did a press release regading this) that a number of original glee stars will be graduating after this season ends.

To drop some names, we have Finn, Santana, Kurt and Glee's front-runner Rachel.

How would this rumor affect this season?

Though we are saying goodbye to some (still not confirmed till it happens... hoping), we are also excited on how the winners of the first ever Glee Project will perform on the Glee set.

We are looking forward on what would Samuel, Damien, Lindsay and Alex characters be... and what song would they sing.

Nevertheless, this is one season we should never miss... fellow gleeks...

Now, back to my practice...

Do... Ti... La... So... Fa.. Mi... Re... Do...

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: VD3

Hey Y'all... volleyball.

Vampires (although cold blodded) are selling like hotcakes right now... from the big screen to our very own home entertainment centre (sosyal...)!!!

And the fast-approaching 3rd season of Vampire Diaries will be the Bloodiest Comeback, for sure...

Premi√®ring this September 15, this another Fall US Series will definitely be on my list of must-watch...

The 2nd season ended on a dimmer note, leaving us wondering on what will happen on the next season.

1. Now that Stefan is with Klaus (the vampire-werewolf hybrid) after he sacrifice his freedom  to save Damon (his brother for more than a century now...), what will happen to his relationship with Elena?

2. After coming back from the dead, Jeremy (Elena's foster-brother) is now seeing dead vampires (talking about irony...). How would his ability help (or not) them in their upcoming dilemmas?

3. After the kiss that Elena and Damon shared, what's in store for them? Would they real life romance go for reel (talking about irony again...)!

Here is CWTV short description on how this season would be:
See original document at CWTV's official website: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/the-vampire-diaries/about

Gotta meet my doppelg√§nger... head-banger.

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: GG5

3... 2... 1... Bang-ladesh!

Fall Season is fast approaching... and what comes with it are my favorite US series.

First on my list... the SCANDALOUS COMEBACK...

Gossips, Rumors, Scandals, Designer Clothes, High Heels, tons of Money and the Upper East Side prove to be a very lethal combination... but now multiplied five times. (I should know... right?)

The 5th season of Gossip Girl will premiere this coming September 26 (US) and will be more intriguing than ever...

Surely, the questions and mysteries that season 4 left us will have answers...
1. What was Dan's book all about?
2. Who owns that positive pregnancy test... and Who's the father?
3. Will Serena hook up with that director guy?
$. Will that fake cousin do some bichin'?

Well, it's for me to know and for you to find out...

Anyways, Here's what CWTV has to say about Gossip Girl's latest season:
See original document at CWTV official website: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/gossip-girl/about
This post was inspired by: http://ofbowsandfrills.blogspot.com/2011/09/gossip-girl-season-five.html

You know you love...XOXO-hio...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Caption This: "Achieving J-Look part 4... COCO iSpecial"

One...Two...Three-nidad and Tobago...

We (my so-called friends and I) went to Dela Cruz Station last Friday and stayed there for a night.

We are suppose to console someone (???) who's having a problem with her LDR... which turns out to be a very petty one...

Anyways, we started (or maybe ended) the night by singing heart-breaking songs (which was pretty much unnecessary, so to say), one after another...

The day after, we had a very sumptuous and delicious breakfast and lunch for free...
(Kasama sa package ng Dela Cruz Station.. wahahaha)

It was like having our own version of a sea-food mini buffet... (Eat-all-u-can ang effect...)

I also meet my canine-soulmate... COCO. (hayyyyy)... He also seems to perfect the J-look effortlessly...

COCO and me... gotta love the connection...

COCO with Choc-Nut... (and glimpse of Choco..)

COCO... Someday you'll be mine... wahahaha


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scratch non-POP: "Bashing James Soriano: Beki Edition"

Hellowbelles... tinkerbells! (try lang)

A dear and good friend sent me a link in Facebook about the article of James Soriano translated in Beki Languange...

Warning: If you are not very well verse in the Beki language you might have severe head-aches and internal bleeding while reading this article. Nevertheless, this is very entertaining and funny...
Written by Kat Niperos (hindi daw sya becky)...

Also, you can view the original article on the link below.


Byebelles... yellowbelles... (bakit puro bells???)

Movie Bullets: "Final Destination 5"

Lights.. Camera... Axion dish-washing liquid...

I was forced and black-mailed yesterday by my so-called office friends to watch a movie at SM City Dasma...

They literally dragged my fat ass to come with them... To think that I live in Pasay City which is like a 2-hour, 45-pesos commute from Dasma...

Anyways, we ended up watching the fifth instalment of the Final Destination franchise...

I have already watched the first four movies of FD because my elder brother is quite a fan... He likes movies of morbid deaths and blood-gushing agonies... (SAW na SAW di ba)...

Going back, I think that the 5th movie lived up with expectations (if there's any) of Final Destination followers...

Altough we already know that the characters will die (one by one... in a chronological order), how they die (or die again) still remains a jig-saw-puzzle-like mystery until they actually die (or die again)... This becomes a guessing game for the movie -goers which is quite fun...

Ofcourse, after watching the film... No one is immune to the FD paranoia... (aminin...)
We suddenly became more aware and vigilant of our surroundings giving our critically-creative minds do extra analysis on how the physics of  things around us will (somehow) kill us or someone close by...

To close, I would like to rename the movie to Final Destinanton .5 (Take note of the decimal point) for two reasons...

1.)  I virtually watched just half of the whole film... I was covering my eyes (with my sweater' hood) time by time... because my semi-permeable eyelids are not fast enough to react...

2.) In Numerical Order, .5 comes before 1... wehehehehehehe

Here is the trailer... for your feeble minds...

I am giving this movie 1.234 bullets...
Remember, the fewer the bullets the more I like it.

That's a wrap... mouse-trap!

Graham 101 : "Toss Coin"

Uno... Dos... Tres... Martires, Cavite!

I just want to share this very simple but highly recommended tip...

I have been doing this since I have read this from a book (alam na kung anong book yun... di ba?)...

Whenever I am undecided between two choices (which pros and cons are already weighed but still undoubtedly uncertain on what to choose), I just get a coin... assigned the choices on each face (Hari at Corona???)... and then flip it upwards....

The result is not that important... Whatever face appears as the coin hits my palm or the ground... it is virtually-irrelevant...

What matters most is the time when the coin is doing its aerial acrobatics in mid-air... It is the time when I consciously or unconsciously (and quietly) root for one side to appear...

Because I believe that it is not the coin (or its aerodynamics) that should decide for us... it just give us the opening to decide quickly basing on what we really do want or hope for...

But ofcourse, what we want is not always the (lawfully or humanely) right choice but atleast it will be one less "WHAT IF" in our list...

May this help you in the future...

Singing Off... for now... tiangaw