Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: BUDOY

Yehey... Ballet!

This is my first Local Fall Show Fave...

Once again, the magic of Kimerald (monicker for the loveteam of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson) will be put into test...
This time they will be on two different but consecutive shows on the primetime block of ABS-CBN...

Now that the top-rating teleserye "100 days to Heaven" is nearing the end of its run, ABS-CBN is now prepping-up for another one kind show that will surely change the face of Philippine TV viewing
(may ganun talaga???).

"BUDOY", top-billed by no less than Gerald Anderson who will be playing as a intellectually-challenged but emotionally-gifted child (sosyal!), will be another heart-warming story that is definitely full of moral values that are often over-looked or misplaced.

This might be Ge's (may nickname?...close?) biggest challenge on his career so far... Because, this time he will not be playing his usual hunky-boy-next-door roles. To add, he is not paired with Kim (where project with her were almost instant hits).

Scraping off his good looks, how will he be able to melt our hearts into pieces?
(I am guessing, through his great acting ...)

And, will be able to make it without Kim?
(and surely, Yes!)

So, Kimerald fans must gear up... because we will be warming our couches very soon...

But, for now just enjoy the trailer below.

Mamaya naman.. Shaman!

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