Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scratch non-POP: "Bashing James Soriano: Beki Edition"

Hellowbelles... tinkerbells! (try lang)

A dear and good friend sent me a link in Facebook about the article of James Soriano translated in Beki Languange...

Warning: If you are not very well verse in the Beki language you might have severe head-aches and internal bleeding while reading this article. Nevertheless, this is very entertaining and funny...
Written by Kat Niperos (hindi daw sya becky)...

Also, you can view the original article on the link below.

Byebelles... yellowbelles... (bakit puro bells???)


  1. LOL..ang jirap jirap jirap ng bekimon languange..
    pero keriboomboomlei lang teh kc may bekimon dictionary naman
    kakadugo ng ilong..promise!

  2. wahahahhaha... pwede ka na p lng prof ng bekimon... wow