Sunday, September 25, 2011

Graham 101 : "Spinning Girl"

Ariba... Samba!

See that silly little shadow above?

That supposedly spinning girl?

Have you seen this before?

Well, its been bugging me for months now. Is she spinning clockwise or counter clockwise?

I am having a hard figuring it as well. Because when I blink or take another look after a while, the damn direction changes.

I tried to search for answers on the internet and most of my searches says that it has to do on one's perspective. It is like a mind over matter (or anything that has mass and occupy space) thingy!

I tried to explain it in my own words but failed miserably.

Don't worry, my good friend Mr. Wikipedia has a good understandable explanation for this.

Hopes it settles the score. Yet, I do hope she stops spinning in my head.


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