Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Musickness: "AnneBisyosa"

Finally... Free Willy!

The much-anticipated debut album of the ultimate Dyosa ng bayan Ms. Anne Curtis is out for grabs. After making pilit the big bosses of her mother film and recording outfit, VIVA, she is now a certified and no-non-sense recording artist that would surely make other singers run for their money.

Her debut album entitled "Annebisyosa" (maybe true or not... wehehehe) is an 8-track record including 1 original, 6 covers and  1 bonus track.

Her carrier single-"Tinamaan Ako" will surely showcase her vocal prowess and her  enigmatic Pop presence.

She will also be collaborating with no-other-than the popstar princess herself, Ms. Sarah G, on vocal showdown singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Here is the complete song list of her album.

1. Tinamaan Ako
2. Alone
3. Total Eclipse of the Heart (feat. Sarah Geronimo)
4. Mouth
5. Bizarre Love Triangle
6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
7. Too Many Walls
8. GSM Blue Jingle (Bonus Track)

Trivia: Anne had done duets with Sarah G on ASAP a couple of time singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."
Check it out below.

Ready... Get set... Go Large!

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