Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hopping Around: "Vhegan-Lawag-PagoodFood 2"

Naimbag a Bigatmo... Lito Camo!

Here is the 2nd part of our Ilocandia trip.

We left Vigan around 12 noon and we are definitely hungry... And seems like the idea of Ilocos' original special miki and empanada appears to be very delightful (and tempting...)!

So, we asked our driver/semi-tour guide on where we can catch these northern dishes and he directed right where the goods were (straight to the point si manong...)

After our short and appetizing break, we immediately proceeded to the next part of our itinerary. We visited several Marcos legacy places. We had a quick glimpse of his remains on their ancestral house (which we are not allowed to took pictures...) and experienced the grandeur of his heydays at the Malacanang of the North.


Before we reached the premises of Laoag (proper?), we stopped by this really big and old church. Its walls are so ancient, it seems like it supports its own ecosystem.

And before we head straight to our hotel to doze our tired ass off our comfy beds, we had to complete our list for that day. And the Sand Dunes is the perfect spot to end our first day. (Feeling cast away-slash-survivor effect...)

When the last of the electrons from our camera's battery had worn off (anu daw???) we headed to our hotel to freshen up and catch a little nap before we gorge for our first Ilocandia dinner under an Ilocandia night sky. And its a given fact that we can't resist another photo session along the high streets of Laoag.

After our late activity, we had to hit the sack to prep our human body for a big day ahead of us.

Innakon... tukon-tukon!

to be continued...

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  1. hala..daku daku sdi sa akon..hahha, mayo lng kay ginaputang mo ko jiff ba..