Thursday, September 8, 2011

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: GG5

3... 2... 1... Bang-ladesh!

Fall Season is fast approaching... and what comes with it are my favorite US series.

First on my list... the SCANDALOUS COMEBACK...

Gossips, Rumors, Scandals, Designer Clothes, High Heels, tons of Money and the Upper East Side prove to be a very lethal combination... but now multiplied five times. (I should know... right?)

The 5th season of Gossip Girl will premiere this coming September 26 (US) and will be more intriguing than ever...

Surely, the questions and mysteries that season 4 left us will have answers...
1. What was Dan's book all about?
2. Who owns that positive pregnancy test... and Who's the father?
3. Will Serena hook up with that director guy?
$. Will that fake cousin do some bichin'?

Well, it's for me to know and for you to find out...

Anyways, Here's what CWTV has to say about Gossip Girl's latest season:
See original document at CWTV official website:
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