Thursday, September 8, 2011

(FFF) Fave and Fab this Fall: VD3

Hey Y'all... volleyball.

Vampires (although cold blodded) are selling like hotcakes right now... from the big screen to our very own home entertainment centre (sosyal...)!!!

And the fast-approaching 3rd season of Vampire Diaries will be the Bloodiest Comeback, for sure...

Premièring this September 15, this another Fall US Series will definitely be on my list of must-watch...

The 2nd season ended on a dimmer note, leaving us wondering on what will happen on the next season.

1. Now that Stefan is with Klaus (the vampire-werewolf hybrid) after he sacrifice his freedom  to save Damon (his brother for more than a century now...), what will happen to his relationship with Elena?

2. After coming back from the dead, Jeremy (Elena's foster-brother) is now seeing dead vampires (talking about irony...). How would his ability help (or not) them in their upcoming dilemmas?

3. After the kiss that Elena and Damon shared, what's in store for them? Would they real life romance go for reel (talking about irony again...)!

Here is CWTV short description on how this season would be:
See original document at CWTV's official website:

Gotta meet my doppelgänger... head-banger.

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