Thursday, January 3, 2013

Graham 101: Resurrections and Resolutions

"Ang PACENSYA ko di basta bastang nauubos..."

I know... I know...

I have been lost and MIA for more than a quarter of a year and you have not heard from me since time immemorial...

Maybe consciously or unconsciously, I put my bloggerself in a semi-hiatus-slash-hibernation so that I can whole-fully deal with my personal and appersonal luggages that has been haunting my very core to the extremes... no details will be provided further

This page suppose to be my own pandora's box of happy memoirs... exclusively.... thus, as much as possible  I seldom write tear-jerker posts that might jeopardize my future self's happiness while he is re-reading this maybe 10 years from now... "Touche, right???"

Henyways and byways... as this post's titles says... This would be my underpaved pheonix-cky resurrection and my first ever documented new year's resolution as I start to journey my way to 2013...

Boom... bang... pak... awwww

Metaphorically and generally-not speaking, I always took new year's resolution for granted like a poorly dressed skinny lady wallflowering herself on a PROM night... listed but not really appreciated...

So, this year I want it to be different... That is why I am posting this online to serve as a reminder to myself and also to ask help from my listless friends and loved ones to help me abide through my list...

Ready... Set... Go...

1. Thrift it up
2. Watch thy what I eat
3. Sweat not Sweet
4. Explore and Exploit
5. Channel my excess Creativity
6. Be Friendlier
7. Perform a Secret Task
8. Write right
9. Extra Work = Extra Cash
10. Happy and Yappy

I would not explain my resolutions one by one... coz I don't want to bore you with the dauntlessness and multitude of my thoughts .. Just read between the lines against the silver lining...


"Pero ang PERA ko konting konti na lang"