Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hopping Around: "Vhegan-Lawag-PagoodFood 3.2"

Naimbag a rabim... ilalim!

We then went to maybe one of Ilocos Norte's best landmarks- the Bangui Windmills!

A dozen (or so... I lost count) of those electric-fan-like (cheap ng comparison ha) structures, the gentle wind and the sound of the waves seemed like the most perfect (next) location to smile and pose infront of the camera. (Reasons???)

We did some camera tricks that I really thought were amazing. And, If you have not noticed it yet... we also have jump-shots (failed or not) on this one too!!! wink-wink-wink

Ofcourse, it was pretty much expected that after several sessions infront of the camera that we would be hungry and tired... So, almost immediately we proceeded to the beach line of Pagudpud to find a restaurant that offers the most sumptuous meals while the mild breeze of the South China Sea brushes our faces (feeler...).

We had a very delicious and diverse authentic Ilocandia lunch by the sea. From the Ilocos' famous bagnet and pakbet to a variety of sea food, we tasted it all. And, a fresh buko juice for refreshment was just the right twist to satisfy our rumbling stomachs.

After fulfilling our nutritional obligations to our human body, we decided to take a little walk to the beach just to aid our digestion. While at the beach, we heard something... something that could not be ignored... its the crystal clear and white sands of Pagudpud... seem like it was inviting us to take a dip. Like hypnotized zombies, all of us headed to open vast ocean and then... the fun begins!

Some of also got some semi-permanent inked remembrance. I did not get one though... these pictured memories are enough for me.

It was almost sunset when we're done of our Ilocan plunge. We freshen up to get rid of unsolicited white sands to our body and changed clothes (well... for some of us- almost). On the other hand, the sun setting to the openness of the South China Sea was our cue to have our last photo shoot for the day.

After exhausting the last pixel of our cameras, we decided to call it a day. We had a two-hour travel back to our hotel in Laoag. We just had a late dinner and then doze off to a deep slumber. 

The next morning, we checked-out and catch the first bus back to reality.

Agpakadaakon... icon!

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