Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Bullets: "Johnny English Reborn"

Anong ganap?... mga masasarap!

Disclaimer: I am perfectly and humanely aware that someone might get mad at me by posting this. I refused the invitation of a close office friend to watch this movie with her on the lone reason that I simply do not feel it. But, to some twisted fate and the intervention of divine circumstances I have watched the movie with another friend (talking about being defensive).

To make the short story shorter... before my highschool friend/weekend-movie buddy and I attended our usual late sunday mass she (with emphasis on she) insisted that we watch Johnny English Reborn. And because of my inexhaustible utang na loob to her (see Movie Bullets: " Don't Be Afraid of the Dark), I could not do anything. XOXO

Anyways, here is my thought...

I was never a Rowan Atkinson fan nor a Mr. Bean.

I was never a detective-themed comedy movie fan either.

So, if you add the two you will have my reason on why I do not really have the gut-feel in watching this film.

But, I can definitely say that the comedic punches of Mr. Atkinson is undeniably superb. I did laugh on most parts of the movie especially on those almost animated sequences.

Most Laughable Moments (just for me):
1. His training in Tibet.
2. Mistaken identity on the old woman Chinese assassin  (the grandmother and the queen ).
3. Helicopter scene.
4. The Chase.
5. etc.

This movie may not be my cup and saucer ( of tee yan ... alam ko... para iba naman) but it did pretty well it making laugh. So, maybe 2 bullets is not bad!!!

Remember, the fewer the bullets the more I like it.

Watch the trailer below and try to catch it on cinemas (if it is still showing...)

Gotta run... Iran!

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