Sunday, August 14, 2011

Boredom Assassin: "Patchwords"

What's up... Otap!

For puzzle maniacs who are bookworms and domino lovers as well... I have found the most suitable game for all of you...

Introducing another puzzle baron brain child...PATCHWORDS...

Don't ask me on how to play this one... I could not explain it in my own words!
But, any Homo sapiens with an IQ above 102.87 will get the mechanics of this game after approximately 45sec within the game itself. Nevertheless, the link I will provide will have its own worded and animated instructions as well.

Also, just like the Clueless Crossword you can compare your time with other puzzle enthusiasts...

Please enjoy and just be wary of incoming VIP's... again, unlike me!

Ciao... king!

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