Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hopping Around: Perhaps, My Best Vacation... Yet... For Now :Day2

My travel Bucket List:  Kangaroo Koala Wombat Dingo Echidna Tasmanian Devil

Waking up my first morning in Australia is both surreal and ice-cold. Everything seemed to be a far-fetched dream until the cold winter breeze sifted thru my body and suddenly I had the urge to release my first Australian Fart. (Wahahahaha... haba ng intro... uutot lang pala... pwe...)

Our second day schedule was to meet and greet our great and not-so-great endemic Australian faunas. We traveled by train from Chatswood to Blacktown and caught a bus from Blacktown to Featherdale  Zoo. Featherdale Zoo is medium size, quaint, clean, semi-outbacky and open (pwede hawakan ang karamihan sa animals... pwede ka ding magpahawak... lol) . We (the half-family) were very lucky that we went there on a weekday because it was not crowded and we can enjoy the place with little competition. 

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I enjoyed this day to the fullest because I love animals soooo mucha...(sa katunayan kung hindi ako naging Engineer malamang animal ako... wahahahaha). We head back home around 3PM Australian time (2 hours ahead sa Pilipinas) and we had a little detour at Lid & Jar for our mandatory evening coffee before we head back to their apartment for a nice home-cooked dinner by Tita Annie.

End of Day 2


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