Monday, July 9, 2012

Graham 101: "I Am So Getting Silvered... Good Thing I Am Not A Werewolf"

Di lahat nang nang nag-bo-blow ng candle...

Heya... Wooot Wooott... I got you with my title, haven't I???
This is not another Sci-Fi thingy and hoova-palooza again...
It's July and I am just turning 25-hence, silvered... (I need not to explain the connection of 25 and silver and silver and werewolves, right?)... I just want to get your attention and if you are reading this, I think I kinda succeeded. <wink>

Hopefully and dreamily, this would be the first of many 25 years in my life (actually maximum of 3 lang, I don't want to reach 100 naman tapos I am weak na... ok na yung sakto lang...)
I believe that turning 25 is one of life's greatest milestones and it should be non-the-less celebrated... (di naman kasi lahat sa atin umaabot ng ganitong age diba... RIP po sa mga tinamaan...)

Anyways, why oh why am I writing a birthday post a couple of weeks before my actual birthday on my birthday suit (joke lang...)???

Well, I have my reasons and if you want to know keep the scroll-downs coming and read between the silver linings (pero I'll make it very explicit, para sa mga medyo slow... wahahaha... alam na kung sinu-sino kayo)

Firstly and if my superiors and project schedules allow (please, sana po), I will not be online on my actual birthday. I will be going home to the grandeur of Silay City to celebrate with my closest kin... (wala kaming internet dun, providence kasi) So, I will accept pre and post online greetings starting today.

Next... since I will be turning 25, I want to be a changed man... (chos lang) With this, I decided to be a little more materialistic... wahahahaha (change for the worse pala, so much for my maturity)... Thus, here are the things I (or someone else) want to give to the future me, again if and only if I am financially and psychologically able.

Grand Vacations (more fun in the Philippines style); Palawan and Sagada topped this list.

Corgi... before I turn back to ashes... sana maka experience naman ako ng Corgi, kahit slight lang...

My own Coffee Shop/ BookShop; wouldn't it be lovely to drink your fave coffee mix while you indulge yourself to the fragrance of a newly opened paperback??? hmmmmmm

Rubbing-Elbows with the Stars; I hate to admit this, but I am a Fan and always have been... In fact my dream job is to be a PA to an Actor/Actress (yung super sikat) wahahahaha... just let me be...

Space; I want to have my own private space where I can personally design and organize... kahit maliit lang basta sa akin lang...

So far, yan lang naman ang gusto kong ma-achieve... very realistic naman diba??? wehehehehe

Lastly, the main purpose of this post is to remind my friends (uhuh, including you random stranger who happened to stumbled upon this post accidentally...) that the my day is fast approaching... to give them enough time to include me to their shopping list... to eliminate time and money related excuses of not giving me a gift... Yes, GIFTS, I am expecting, just so you know... wahahahaha
(So, sa hinabahaba nang sinabi ko... naghihingi lng pala ng regalo... lol)

Ay may Birthday...


  1. Hahaha! Lol all the way to the end of your post. Happy Silver Birthday Jeff! Pwede shareholder ng coffee shop? hahaha!

    1. pwede man... ikaw pa gd ang waitress... carry???

  2. Wahahahah. I labbbbiiittt! Mwah. Happy birthday, jipoy!!! Ako man. Pwede ko ka co-owner sg coffee/bookshop?? kung indi ka, t rivals ta eh.

    1. i dare you... actually i double dare you... kontrahanay ang atun coffee shop kung gusto mo tuparay pa... wahahahaha

  3. agree ako sa bakasyon at sa corgi! matagal ko na rin gusto ng corgi. hehehe.

    1. pag may pera na tayo... go na agad to...