Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hopping Around: "CSI:BAGUIO... the case of the unused ticket PART2"

Boy: Alam mo para akong DSLR...
Girl: Bakit naman?

Chapter V: Blue's Clues

Finally their hardwork and thorough investigation had paid off.
They saw a glimpse of light at the end of this immeasurably long and dark tunnel.

With few connections and anonymous contacts, they were able to gather 3 (not one...not 2... but 3) very promising leads...
Bicycle                                Tarsier                               Curly hair
Like Steve (or was it Bill... I forgot, so let's just stick to Steve) in Blue's Clues, they tried to incorporate and mash-up these clues together to have a better picture of what they were after (Ofcourse, they had their own thinking chair and handy-dandy notebook).

They came up with very intelligent guesses like... a curly bicycle on a tarsier... a curly haired tarsier weight-lifting an equally curly bicycle.... or  a tarsier-themed bicycle eating a flavored curly hair.... (WTF!!!)

Altough their highly intellectual deductions are quite pretty good (questionably), they opted to tackled each clues one by one.

Chapter VI: Wheel, Axels and Pollens

In Baguio, when you think bicycle... there's only one place you could possibly think off....

Ofcourse, our heroes and heroines (given the fact that they have unparalleled brilliance) knew this for a fact. Without any second or third thought, they immediately raced their way to BURNHAM PARK.

After arriving, they rented bicycles and roamed the place just like ordinary civilians but having eagles eyes for any possible leads that may grace their peripherals.

Some of them even tried to survey the area in their roller blades for better maneuver.

Even the ORCHIDARIUM (just across Burnham Park) was turned upside down just to cramped out any piece of information.

But, maybe time and fate were not on their side.... as of the moment.

It was getting really late and rowdy but they were still stuck on the same ground...

Eloquently, they decided to focus on the next clue... this could be their biggest break, yet.

Chapter VII: Nocturnalism

Tarsiers are known to be nocturnal animals... which means they are mostly active at night.

By using parallel reasoning and cross sectional analysis (anu daw???), the team decided to roam the city after dusk.

 They decided to start their late night hunt at SM Baguio...
(that is watching a movie... Praybeyt Benjamin)

Scaling the 4-floors open Mall was never considered easy (unless your shopping...) but they did it in a breeze.

Few had stop to rethink...

But the majority still had smiles pasted on their facades... despite the uncertainty.

Their pursuit led them to several of the city's famous night district...
...CityLight Hotel

... the steeper streets

...the coffee haven

Surprisingly... all their efforts were not rewarded...

It's like finding a needle is a pile of needles... (top that...)

But with few tricks up their sleeves, they called the night over and just hope for a better result tomorrow....

Maybe (again... just maybe), the third and last clue would clear out the clouds in their heads...

to be continued...

photos (still)  from JAG

Boy: Kasi pagnaka focus ako sa'yo... bibu-blur ko na ang iba...


  1. wahahaha. fun read. that someone is hard to find. tsk.

  2. The bicycle was just a distraction... The case can be solved with the remaining clues...hehehehe... I like the way you think on that thinking chair...

  3. wahahaha... you'll get what does the bike means in part 3... necessary jude sya

  4. wahahahaha... ganyan talaga para may thrill (excuses sa katamaran...)

  5. I Wanna Go rollerblading again...I never been to Baguio. This post makes we wanna go there...Now na!