Thursday, January 12, 2012

Caption This: With Me. It's more fun in the Philippines

"Tara na..."

DOT just launched our country's new tourism slogan "It's more fun in the Philippines" and with just the blink of an eye (or eyes, kung plural...) a momentous craze hit the internet world.

Fun-filled and amazing photos popped like mushrooms in an old oak tree graced the net. Ofcourse, as a self-proclaimed popularist (also with the influence of A-my blogging guru), I would not miss this chance to include myself in this virtual commotion.

Have I mentioned I'm not good in photo editing??? Well, maybe not.... With this self-shortage, I asked A to do editing for me... And, because she believed that she is an obedient friend (which non of us (her friends) agreed, by far), she indifferently obliged.

Surprise, surprise, surprise for me... I just realized that last year was a busy year for me. Maybe I was just living out a dream to atleast explore Philippines' finest because I was on vacation on every slim chance I got. Good for me, bad for my savings account... wahahahhaha...

Without anymore superficializing (watta word...) this post... here's my little contribution... hopialykit...

Remember my Vhegan-Lawag-Paggodfood adventure???

How about our hoax-end-of-the-world Pinatubo March???

Who can forget my (still unfinished) investigative blog-series in Baguio?

And just recently... my Yadu-experience...

I really, really think it's fun in the Philippines... but with me around, it's definitely seven-folds funnier... agree???

"...Biyahe tayo."


  1. Ahaha. Enjoyed the little tour with ya. It's definitely more fun with you around. *cough :P

  2. eeeeeeeeh! Missed Baguio and Yadu here! We will Batangas to this real soon!!!!

  3. waahaha.. benta ang failed jump shots! hehehe :p