Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glutton-ing-Out: "Souk Kafe"

Salam-Marhaba...Kampanerang Kuba!

A not-so-good office friend of mine had been inviting us (for centuries...) to try this Arabic themed semi-restaurant-semi-cafe at Robinson's Pala-Pala in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

She only has good words to say about this place. Like the food is delicious, the ambiance is different and pretty cheap too.

So, because we got tired of her and her crazy-antics we decided to give in to her whims (para sa kanyang kaligayahan...).

After our first (hopefully not the last) ping-pong mini tournament at our company's SRC (Sports and Recreational Center), we decided to go straight to this place and eat to our hearts' content.

First impression?.. the place was pretty interesting outside and equally eye-catching on the inside.
The lighting is very impressive and inviting... plus the aroma of the open kitchen hits a different knob in my olfactory system.

We checked the menu and ordered the foods and drinks we decided to try. While we are waiting for our orders, we checked if the place complements our faces (talking about lighting and cinematography...)

When the waiters served our meals, we immediately warmed up our seats, prayed and pigged-out.

We had two pastas...

Bacon and Cream...
Four-Cheeses and Bacon...
We also ordered two pizzas...

Garlic and Cheese...
Margharetta (libre ni Adam)...
We also ordered Kheema (authentic Arabic recipe: spiced ground pork with yogurt sauce) and fried rounds...

And, Original Alokokay Iced tea to top it all...

The food was surprisingly delicious and delectable... just be cautious in adding a little more of that Lemon Pepper condiment.

Well, she (my office friend) has the right to mumble this often... all along. Wished we believed her sooner.

This would be my first food and restaurant critic... So, pardon me for this rate.

Souk Kafe... you have 4 out of 5 LICKS!!! The more licks I give, the more I want to taste your food!!!

Inshalla... la la la... in the morning!

photos are courtesy of John Adam Gayol