Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Glutton-ing-Out: "A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante"

Boy: Malungkot ka ba?
Girl: Bakit naman?

We are supposed to avail the vouchers we bought in last October 1, 2011... for the double birthday celebration of two of my college friends. It was a manila bay cruise with plated dinner  by Sun Cruises. But due to the aftermath of Bagyong Pedring and the landfall of Bagyong Quiel, our schedule was cancelled... huhuhuhu! (adventure sana kung natuloy...may Maxicare naman...huwatttt?)

But pushy as we are, we still stormed the storms (literally) and still went for plan B... which was only devised and revised few minutes after the cancellation. One of the birthday boy and I decided to meet at MOA for a quick chit chat and some chops. He needed to buy something for his luncheon birthday the day after and I have to get my weekly dose of bookgasm.

We were about to call it a day, when two of our friends called and said that they were own their way to MOA as well... So, that's how we basically had a mini-birthday-slash-plan B get together. (Peace out....)

After we met up with our two friends, our next destination was already a no-brainer. We headed straight to Timezone and hit few high notes here and there.

Hitting those impossible notes and timing those runs were pretty exhausting. After around 20 songs or so, we are starved, thirsty and weakened. So, we decided to find a place that serves our fave PPP- Pasta, Pizza and People.

I suggested this resto that I have already tried before... "A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante !"

We sat and immediately scanned the menu to find the perfect foods that could quench our immediate hunger.

After few verbal and optical debates, we made a semi-unanimous decision and ordered 2 pastas and a pizza.

Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza...

Chicken Chuck Spaghetti...( i forgot the actual name)

and, Hungarian Sausage Penne...(forgot the name too...)

We had a great time at "A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante." the place was cozy, classy and relaxed... sort of laid back atmosphere. The food was great too... for its size and taste, it is very affordable and sulit. Good for barkadas and cliques. Surely I'd be coming back for more.

I'd give this resto 4 and a half LICKS... 
Remember, the more licks I give, the more I want to taste your food!!!

photos courtesy of badette...

Boy: Kasi nag-iisa ka lang sa puso ko eh.


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