Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Movie Bullets: "No Other Woman"

Nice to see you again...Copenhagen!

If you are looking for an orgasmic opening? This movie is the right way to go.

Anne Curtis opened the movie not just with a bang but some fireworks as well. Wearing her skimpy, Versace-ish bikini as she emerges from the water is really a must-see scene in this movie. You won't even understand what does Derek says in his voice-over or (worse) you won't even notice Derek's voice-over (period)... that's how magnetic Anne Curtis (and/or her body) is.

As for the acting... Anne did a very impressive portrayal of a rich, bitchy, modern-day play girl. She nailed her part, particularly in her almost no-non-sense seduction and flirtation. I could not think of any other actress who could fit as Cara... and I mean it in a good way.

Derek Ramsay, on the other hand, was also equally brilliant. With his good looks, great body and charisma, he is the prefect candidate to play as Ram- the still desired taken man. Altough, we could think of other actors who are also qualified for Ram's role, Derek swayed to the part and did an excellent job. With his little-semi butt exposure, he definitely earned a nod from the movie-goers.

Christine Reyes, for me, was a revelation to this movie. Usually, she was all over the place in acting, bordering the hysterical. But in this movie, she did great in attacking her character subtly. She was almost believable, realistic and point on. She truly embodied her character.

The plot, as we all know and a given fact, was used, abused and confused. We all have seen it from TV's, paperbacks and on the silver screens as well. But what makes this movie different??? For me, it's an absolute no-brainer... the SCRIPT.

The script was well-thought of, metaphorically funny and spotless. These were the lines that one would want to say if they are on the same situation- witty, double meaning and scratchy. These were also good verbal comebacks in a bloody cat fight. All in all... this gives the film the edge it needs.

My only critic was there were some issues that were not resolved in the movie. Like Ram's wayward relationship with his biological father and father-in-law and Cara's relationship with her father as well. This may say that the movie comes realistic enough which implies that not all problems can be solved or... on the negative side, that these angles were just forgotten and was set aside.

Nevertheless, the film was worth the money you will spend. An easy two thumbs from me.
Half a bullet for yah....Remember, the fewer the bullets the more I like it.

Soon... monsoon!


  1. hahah.. I was honestly stressed out sa movie.Might have something to do with current turmoil of my life.

  2. on my part...I was stressed, that's y i watched the movie... im happy with my decision though... goodluck sa turmoil sa life mo... carry mo yan

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