Friday, October 14, 2011

Scratch non-POP: "Christopher Lao is Back"

Boy: Alam mo, parang kang baso na walang laman...
Girl: Bakit naman?

Remember Chrisopher Lao?
He was once a victim of cyber bullying because of his infamous floating car. (poor guy...)
If you still cannot connect, may this video help...

Now... does it it ring a bell?

Well, his back, still floating but a little bit of a vengeance. He is now a commercial model (ironically or fatefully) for BPI Auto Insurance. Sosyal!

See his first ever commercial-slash-parody below.(stepping stone ba ito sa showbiz???... wag naman)

Boy: Kasi gusto kitang punuin ng pagmamahal ko.


  1. Hahaha! Funny man ni man. Teh! may pasayod na siya ya.

  2. huo eh... blessing in disguise pa gali ang freak-out yah...